Penobscot River Rafting & Tubing

Frequently asked questions

What to wear?
Wear bathing suits or shorts; or whatever you are comfortable swimming in. It's also a good idea to wear something on your feet: Sneakers, Teva's, water shoes, or wetsuit boots. Don't wear heavy boots.

What to Bring?

Leave all unnecessary items that you don't want to lose at home (eyeglasses, watches, rings, favorite hats, and jewelry are commonly lost during tubing.)
Our P.F.D.'s (life jackets) get a lot of use and are always wet. We do wash them daily but they still smell. You can bring your own coast guard approved P.F.D. (life jacket) to wear instead of using the ones that we supply. If you bring your own it must be a coast guard approved P.F.D. (life jacket).

What's there, or should we say HERE?

Besides a great river with beautiful views of Mt. Katahdin we also have changing rooms and restroom facilities for your convenience. A full convenience store with beer, wine, munchies and gas. Gifford's ICE CREAM and a full service Restaurant and Campground.

The fine print!
THIS IS A SELF-GUIDED FLOAT TRIP, YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF THIS ACTIVITY. Although no effort is spared to provide you with a safe tubing experience, water and river activities have both inherent and unknown risks and dangers. These include but are not limited to injury or loss of life. This is an unattended trip on the water and you will be on your own. Everyone (including minors) must sign a waiver before tubing down the river.

From I-95
Take the Medway exit 244. And follow the signs to Baxter State Park. You'll pass through the towns of Medway, East Millinocket, and Millinocket. Then follow the yellow signs to Abol Bridge Campground (Aprox. 19 miles west of Millinocket) If you pass over Abol Bridge, ya went to far! Turn around and go to Abol Bridge Store. Check in at the store and we'll do the rest.